Out of town patients

So many out of town patients come to our clinic for infertility treatment. Our whole team is ready to serve you the best to spend your clinic days as good as possible and to be with you with the every step of your whole treatment.

Out of town patients need to know these : you can reach us at + 90 232 461 93 33 for more information about your first appointment between 08:30 am and 07:30 pm except sundays. For more information, you can get an appointment and take one of our patient information books and broshures. For your appointments you can call +90 232 461 93 33. A woman has to get an appointment from IVF department, and a man has to get an appointment from Urology department. The couple should bring all the scrunities done before. Man shouldn't have intercourse for 3 – 5 days before having a spermiogram test. Woman should tell us about her menstural period time.